Sunday, February 5, 2012


A few months ago, my nephew decided he was done with Legos. This was about the same time that Mr. T became obsessed with Legos - the Lego king of the house. Trouble was, my nephews sets were all mixed up. My sister brought up a garbage bag with out six lego sets in it and asked if we wanted it. I of course said yes and it has sat in a corner of my room from then until this weekend. This was the first time that I was brave enough to get it out and tackle separating the kits. Mr. T is all in on this project. It's pretty much the only thing he has wanted to do this weekend. Last night Miss E spent the night at my parents house and Mr. T did Lego's. This morning at 7 after Peter had gone to work, he was doing Lego's and when this picture was taken, I was trying to coax him to leave so we could go pick up Miss E. "Just one more piece mommy" was always the answer.

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  1. wow! such a LOT of work! But when it's your joy 'n passion, guess then it's not work! Glad he's happy!