Saturday, February 4, 2012


This picture actually made me get out and clean off our mailbox today. Living on a road with no side walks in a neighborhood covered with pine trees equals a lot of dirt and moss gathering on your mail receptical. It was sunny and clear on this February morning which always feels a bit like someone has pulled the covers off your head and left you blinking in the very  bright light. We have so long been living under a cloud of soft grey and damp. This first little peek at spring was lovely. Mr. T came out front with me while Miss E and Peter were off at soccer and he played his little piano and climbed trees yelling "look at me mommy! Take a picture of me! I'm the fastest tree climber there is!" I took pictures of him, cleaned the mailbox and continued the endless endless task of getting the pine cones off the driveway. Most of all,  I breathed deeply of the dry air with a touch of warmth and felt the sun on my cheek.

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