Friday, February 3, 2012

Something you adore

Her. She. Miss E. I adore her in all her silliness, sweetness, fierceness and kindness. Every single day.

This morning she and Mr. T were playing her carnival game and Mr. T won a prize - a party in his honor. They spent the next 15 minutes planning the party, which will be on Sunday afternoon, and then, just as I was leaving for work and Peter was leaving to take them to school, Miss E handed us each a list of things for us to do to prep for the party. I have to make cookies and Peter has a whole list of things to get from the grocery store and chores to do. One of his chores was to sweep off the back deck which apparently is our "good weather" location. He did that this morning and as soon as the kids were home from school they were out there playing in the dry sunny weather. I think we all really needed a moment of dry and sunny to be outside and breathe in some air.

And now I am off to bake some cookies for the party.

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