Friday, February 24, 2012

Guilty Pleasure

This is a terrible picture (thank you ipod touch) but it was a lovely moment. Guilty pleasure - getting Miss E as soon as she gets off the bus and taking her down to Noah's for her after school snack.

Guilty part - umm..chocolate chip bagels and lemonade less than an hour before dinner.

Pleasure - spending this time with Miss E and the warm chocolate chip bagels.

I figure she doesn't eat anything for dinner anyway (nary a vegetable nor meat will pass these lips) so what the hell. We might as well enjoy our afternoon.

Also, do you love her bike gloves? It's the look she's sporting right now. As is this pink and red sweater which you might recognize from a few (or a hundred) previous posts. Don't expect it to go away anytime soon, I think it's here to stay a bit. She is fully herself for sure.

1 comment:

  1. and it's that fully herself for sure that I love dearly... You too! She will remember times like that as such a fond memory of love and her great mom. Not what ya made for dinner--but that you made the time--that's what's priceless. Oh jeeze, I sound like a tv commercial... :)