Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Since Peter was working yesterday, we celebrated Valentine's day today. We're a pretty low-key couple so it wasn't a big deal. He bought me a lovely little tear drop terrarium, and for him I vacuumed the dog hair out of our bedroom, cooked dinner and bought doughnuts. One might argue those are all things I should be doing anyway, but "great housewife" has never been on my list of describing terms. We also got wild and crazy and watched an episode of Big Love after the kids went to bed - pretty much like we do every night when he's home. (except not always Big Love, obviously). Speaking of Big Love, what's up with those crazy mormons? They almost make polygamy look good. Extra women to help with the housework, cooking and childcare? Not so bad. Peter will tell you that the LAST thing he needs or wants is a few more wives and about 6 more kids but I don't know...maybe I could convince him.

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