Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Miss E and her first bestest friend ever . 

What a great day. Last night Peter and I made a ton of construction paper hearts and wrote stuff like "you rock" or "you're a great sister" on all of them and plastered them all over the kids doors. They woke up to that surprise and Peter left me a few flowers before he went to work early this morning. We had pink (beet) waffles for breakfast and both kids left for school super happy.

I spent the day running errands, relaxing and just generally enjoying the peace and quiet. When I got home I found that the school's TAG coordinator called and left a message. We agreed a few weeks ago to have Miss E tested and I was really hoping she would pass. For a quiet but smart kid like Miss E, it will be a huge help to her to have the TAG qualification and give us a leg to stand on when we are asking for more challenging work for her. TAG students also have a lot of opportunities that non-TAG kids don't. (I'm not saying they should, just that for Miss E we would like to take advantage of it).  Her teacher had warned me that a very small percentage of kids they test actually pass the test. And I was worried about Miss E being in a strange room with a stranger teacher - not her ideal conditions. I didn't know today was going to be the day she was tested (thank goodness I didn't give her a ton of Valentine's candy this morning) and was super eager to hear the results. But when I called back the TAG teacher was gone.

This afternoon I headed for her school to go to her class Valentine party. As I arrived, her teacher pulled me aside and asked if the TAG teacher had called, I said yes but I hadn't had a chance to talk to him. Then she whispered "she passed with a 99% - she only got two questions wrong on the entire test!" She couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it. Well, I could but still... 99%? That's amazing.

When Miss E got home, she said "I got to do TAG today and finished book 1, next week I get to do Book 2". Book 1 is the first grade test, book 2 is the second grade test so I'm assuming their assessment isn't done. I asked her if she liked it and she said she did, at the end of the test the teacher called the principal of the school in and the three of them played memory together. Miss E thought that was awesome. She's such a happy kid these days.

After school the kids opened their presents, we decorated cookies and ate tacos. They were so excited to open all their Valentines from school and it just ended up being the greatest evening. I'm so proud of both of them.

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  1. I'm so proud of her--but also her marvelous parents! It doesn't "just happen", y'know! Good job, you big kids of ours!