Monday, February 13, 2012

(not) blue

sorry for the blurry photo. This was taken on moment's notice through glass

This post should be entitled WE HAVE ACHIEVED TOP BAR PEOPLE!!!!!!! Holy cow. Mr. T has been going to this gym for a few years and he NEVER EVER EVER before has been willing to touch the top bar. His teacher (see how cute and hugely pregnant she is?) has tried to talk him into it for 2 years but he just kept talking her right back out of it. Until last week that is. Peter went to gym with him and all the sudden at work I see a message that says "top bar has been achieved" what? I'm thinking. No way. NO WAY. But it was. This week, I took him to gym and he made sure to tell Teacher Angela that he wanted to show me. And he did! I never thought it would happen. I mean seriously, I kind of figured he'd be about 15 before he touched the top bar. You know, right about the time that he learns to swim and ride a bike. To say he's not into risk-taking would be an understatement. Unless it involves jumping off the couch. Then anything goes. But what do I know? Here he is hanging off the top bar at 5! So proud of my guy.

Also, his teacher did a freakin' headstand during class and I about fell over. Do you see her belly? A HEADSTAND. That is more coordination than I have ever had in my lifetime.


  1. hooooooray! His hands look so small hanging on there--I'm a wuss--I'd never try anything ever--not when young and not now--so am really proud of him! No, I cannot believe his wonderful teacher, either! hahahahaha! It's great--good for her!

  2. Coordination that good while pregnant ought to be recognized on a global level; she appears to be so enjoying working with Mr T. Congrats, Mom on his growth.