Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where you sleep

This morning, Peter headed out to be with his friends all day again and the kids and I went to the NW Sportsmen's show. That's right the SPORTSMEN'S show. Me and the kids. If you know me, you know how out on a limb that was. I figured they would enjoy it though and totally underestimated it's size and crowdedness. They had face painting and a trout pond (inhumane I KNOW), and gold panning which the kids think is AWESOME. Because there was the potential for fish-involvement, I asked my Dad to meet us there because I don't take hooks out of fish's mouths. All in all the kids had a blast and my Dad had fun. I think my Dad has a hard time finding stuff to do with the kids sometimes so this was perfect for them. The kids also each came home with a tiny vial filled with a tiny bit of gold that they panned themselves.

Tonight, we had a friend staying with us so he took Mr. T's room and Mr. T slept in Miss E's bottom bunk. I put them both to bed at 7:30 since we are fighting colds and it had been a long day. At 7:45 Mr. T came out, said Miss E was keeping him awake and I suggested he could start off in our bed and then I would move him. This upset her, and after some tears I suggested that she go kindly ask him to come back and agree to stop pestering him. She did, he did, I tucked them both in and shut the door at 8. Not one more peep was heard out of her room - which is saying something since it's right off the living room and I can pretty much hear everything going on in there.

So imagine my surprise when I went to check on them at 10 to find the scene above. face paint streaked on their faces, under a pile of blankets, snuggled together in the top bunk. Cutest thing ever.

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  1. Your precious treasures. Truly. Remember this pic when ya wanna bop 'em... I love this photo.