Saturday, February 11, 2012

Makes you happy

Please excuse the terrible ipod picture...also how adorable is Miss E's self-declared soccer outfit? 

Today was a heck of a day. Peter was with his friends, leaving the kids and I on our own.

We went to soccer, and Mr. T and I froze (seriously - it's indoor soccer, why the heck is it so cold in there) watching Miss E play. Then, over lunch time, we headed to urgent care to get some antibiotics for the raging sinus infection I have. An hour long wait there (before lunch) and then about 30 minutes in the doctor's office. After that it was home for a quick lunch, to the pharmacy to pick up meds (which weren't there), to our friend's house to pick up all the Girl Scout cookies Miss E sold, then to a movie (Phantom Menace), then home for dinner, several panicked phone calls to various dr's and pharmacies and then leaving our dinner in the middle to race to the store to pick up the meds. A trying day for sure. All around.

The best part? These kids. They were hungry and tired but they sat at the Doctor's for an hour with Miss E showing Mr. T how to play Mario and Mr. T showing Miss E how great he was at a game on the ipod. Only one chair in the doctor's office? No problem, they shared it. Even the doctor told me how wonderful they were. Leaving dinner in the middle to run to pharmacy only to wait for 20 minutes? No worries, Miss E just sat and read Mr. T a book. It was amazing. At some point I realized, that even though today was difficult, hanging with these guys is truly what I want to be doing at this point in my life. They just are awesome kids.

Hopefully by tomorrow morning these miracle drugs called antibiotics will make it so my face feels a little less like I took a right hook to it.


  1. That kind of behavior just makes me so happy to see; you are a good mom and it's days like today that prove it. I sure hope your face feels less puffy soon. Happy Valentines Day.

  2. Just saw this post--so hope the meds did their proper work and you're feeling 100% better now. I just love those kiddos of yours---and you, especially for posting the pics 'n the day! Thankthanksthanks!