Friday, February 17, 2012


It's baaaackkkk...... The rain is here. Keeping everything all damp and green and Oregon-like. This is what the windshield of my car looked like as we waiting in the car line to pick up Miss E after school. I've been trying to get there more often to pick her up because thus far I have not been super happy with the bus. Every time it comes by the house kids are screaming and standing in their seats and throwing stuff out the window. She tells me that they play music on the bus (which is fine...) but it's stuff like Lady Gaga which is not exactly appropriate for this age. Both of those things are kind of annoying but not really a huge problem. Then. Around Christmas time she told me that the bus driver gave little presents to a few of the older girls on the bus. And then I keep hearing about him teasing them about boys and such. Now, I don't know what's going on and I haven't been on the bus or met the driver but that kind of creeps me out and seems super inappropriate. I'm guessing that Miss E would never even talk to him seeing as he's an adult she doesn't know but still...ick. So, I'm trying to get to school more so she doesn't have to take the bus home in the afternoon.