Saturday, February 18, 2012


To Miss E and I this is "soda". We take whatever citrus we have on hand (in this case blood oranges), juice them, add ice and club soda (and in my case sometimes a little rum) and voila! Soda. Mr. T doesn't like it because he thinks the club soda is "spicy" but he'll drink just the plain juice. If we have grapefruit, I'll add a little sugar but oranges are usually sweet enough on their own. I'm so thankful neither of my kids like soda. I didn't grow up with it and it has never been a problem for me but Peter did grow up with it and for him, quitting Dr. Pepper has been like quitting smoking. It's such a crazy addiction. He's gotten so much better now, really a million times better, but it's been a long road. I hope that by not having it in the house, and not having the kids drink it on a regular basis I will save them from that pain down the road. For now though, Miss E and I like our own "soda".

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  1. I'll make sure we don't have any when he comes--we so rarely do--I buy it when we eat mexican which is rarely cuz R doesn't like it and Ev can't eat it much--I never had it growing up and neither did my kids--they called everything fizzy "coke" as they didn't know the difference between 7up when you were sick, with soda crackers, or any pop==it was too spendy to buy. Just wanted you to know that, dear Sarah--he got that little addiction on his very own, sigh...