Saturday, March 31, 2012

Calamity Jane

Sorry for the grainy ipod picture but this is part of Mr. T's finished room. He was pretty happy with it.

I swear, we are not the family that is in a constant state of crisis. You know those families that always have a huge thing broken or someone in the emergency room or some other crisis? That's not us. Really and truly it's not. For the most part, things run along pretty smoothly around here but this spring break..... I almost can't help but laugh, it's been so bad. Today's new adventures included a glass baking pan violently exploding in my face, and Mr. T coming down with a fever. Which brings our total to 2 broken cars (one won't be back until April 13), 2 really sick kids, a family crisis, work stress, exploding glass pan (not in my eyes thankfully!), a fighting couple and....yeah. That's about it.

On the up side, Miss E is better (well enough to start being bored and acting out because the attention isn't on her) and Mr. T is still really happy with his room.  So here's to tomorrow going smoothly and us being over this spring break soon! (Also, I am really really really looking forward to the van coming home in a few weeks and to a new windshield on each of our cars).

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  1. Sheeeesh! Just reading about the glass pan exploding in your face scared the tar outta me--I'm so thankful no prob there. Mr. T;s room looks so great--but ooooh, that of a little boy, no more baby anymore. Glad Miss E. is better, truly. I'd rather hear of her driving ya nuts vs just laying, lying? around sick. Hang in there--this all will soon pass and hopefully you'll have a GREAT April--a reeeeaallllly awesome April full of serendipities and all good things...