Friday, March 30, 2012

The Sickie

This girl is sick, and she is not a kid who gets sick. I can maybe count on the fingers on one hand the number of times in her life she has just randomly fallen asleep any place and today this was the second time she dozed off on the couch. This was after sleeping in until 8:30 which is also unheard of for her. This morning her fever was back and so was a terrible cough. She's been gone all week and I swear every single time I talked to her she sounded off to me and I kept checking with Peter "are you watching her?", "is she OK?", "have you taken her temperature?" and he kept telling me "yes, I am" and "yes, she's fine but tired". And I'm sure in his eyes she was fine. But he was checking her temp with his hand, not a thermometer and I don't think he was accounting for the amount that being out of her environment would mask her illness. Yesterday when she got home, she was a wreck, and this morning we went to the doctor because fever all week, plus worsening cough and sore throat = worried mama. And sure enough, she has walking pneumonia.

We have antibiotics and cough medicine (4 kinds!) but unfortunately, she has inherited both her mama's mule headed stubbornness and hatred of all medication. I have spent all day coaxing her to take some tylenol and you can forget about the cough medicine. Right now she is in her room, exhausted, coughing and refusing to take any cough medicine. I've pushed as hard as I can and got to the point where if I want her to take it I'm going to have to physically force it down her throat which I really don't want to do. Fortunately she took her antibiotics today (and it's only 5 days that she has to take them) and some chewable fever meds. Other than that she has laid on the couch all day. I started reading Harry Potter to her, she listened to some books on her ipod and we watched an episode of Human Planet (if you haven't seen this series you MUST DO IT NOW. So good.). I'm hoping that by tomorrow the antibiotics will kick in and she'll be feeling better and I'm really hoping she didn't pass it to Peter's grandmother or his parents on their visit.

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