Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sprink Break you can suck it.

Somebody missed his lady

Man I hate spring break. This one, despite all the peaceful alone time, has been riddled with car issues ( 2 down now and the van not coming back until April 13!), family issues, work stress, illness and my husband being a dork. Hopefully it's all just getting out of the way so the rest of spring can be smooth sailing.

This afternoon though, my kiddos came home and I was SO HAPPY to see them! Poor Miss E is super sick, I'm kind of surprised they didn't come home earlier -she is SO sick and pretty much has been all week. She was a wreck in the four hours I between when she got home and bed time. Poor girl. We may be hitting up the doctor tomorrow.

Mr. T was really excited about his room, loved the way I did it and doesn't want to move anything. He spent most of the afternoon down there listening to Harriet the Spy and checking out where I put all his toys. I'll try and get a picture of his room tomorrow.

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