Friday, April 27, 2012

Shopping with Miss E

My mom had Mr. T over tonight for a sleep-over and Peter is fishing so Miss E and I went on a date. Shopping to be exact. She has been having a hard time finding clothes in her closet lately and she no longer reliably likes what I buy her so tonight we went shopping together and I let her pick out clothes on her own. I had the best time with her! I just love my 7 year old. She is so much fun, she can do so much and she is so interesting. What a great Friday night date.

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  1. She's at that perfect age where she still looks to you for almost all guidance and yet there are those activities in which she excels. My favorite Little will be ten next month and as an infant we had no idea where she'd send her energies. She's a champ at particular dinner preparations, feeding animals and collecting eggs... Seems like short of driving a car she's successfully meeting life's requirements for adaptability at each turn of the calendar. Miss E is the same way-a charmer, with love to give.