Monday, April 30, 2012


Peter returned from his camping trip with a little stowaway in his car. This little passenger got into the glove box, chewed up the registration, a few ketchup packets and generally acted like an ill-behaved house guest. He (she?) had to go.

We first tried leaving the car door open in the driveway for a few hours to see if he would be smart and escape on his own. No such luck. Tonight Peter set a few traps inside the car. The first trap was liberated of it's cheese within a few minutes so it was re-set with peanut butter. A few minutes later, dead mouse. Miss E had asked if we would save it so she could see it in the morning and since she was still awake we let her get up and see it tonight so the thing didn't have to spend the night dead in Peter's car. Ewww.

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