Thursday, April 5, 2012

View from my Window

Being sick sucks.

Peter had to go to work today and this morning I got up to two healthy and rambunctious kids. I was out-gunned, out-manned and out-matched in every way possible. There was no hope  - I was too sick and too low energy and they were too well and too high energy. It became clear very quickly that I was not going to be the one running the house today. Fortunately, my kids are awesome. They got themselves ready for school. They both took the bus home so I didn't have to go pick them up and they played on their own. For dinner I mustered the strength to make mac and cheese. Miss E read Harry Potter to me (my voice is still out so I can only whisper) and she read books to Mr. T before bed-time. I was pretty proud of them both.

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