Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Week 1: Jan 1-7

Jan 1 - putting away the last of the Christmas stuff. Because we were out of town this year for Christmas this happened kind of late but it was a nice quiet way for the kids and I to spend New Years. Happy hibernating ballerina lady and Santa. ( I also dragged two tired kids through Ikea today which was not quiet or restful - especially when one of my children refuses to eat ANYTHING at Ikea just on principle.)

Jan 2 - A lovely photo of my leg. Having two babies so close together plus a family history of varicose veins plus gaining 40 pounds with each pregnancy equals really crappy veins. Every once in awhile I have to pull out the compression socks. These are about the cutest ones I can find and wearing them I like to pretend that I'm a marathon runner or world traveler instead of a mom with bad veins. It's the little things - right?

Jan 4 - putting together an Ikea cabinet. Mr. T got this to put his lego's in and he was equally excited to have it and to help Peter put it together
Jan 5 - This was my huckleberry day. The last day of winter break we headed to the beach to look for Agates and just have a family day before school started up again. The weather was gorgeous and we found two hidden beaches we'd never been to before. You know those days that are so perfect they don't seem real? This was one of them. So far, 2014 has had an auspicious beginning. 

Jan 6 - Back to school for the kids, back to work for me and Peter went fishing. 

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