Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Week 2: Jan 8-14

Jan 8: This is happening. The elementary school rite of passage that is learning to play the recorder is not going to skip this generation. The only difference is that when I was a kid we just picked one from a big pile to play. Now, they each have their own (which seems much more sanitary)

Jan 10:  I got to help in Mr. T's class today for the first time this year. He is so happy at school - talkative, friendly and engaged. I feel very lucky.
Jan 11: Mr. T was in the school play - along with 50 other kids. Rehearsals ran all week and today was two performances. He did great - not a lick of stage fright and he remembered his lines despite the fact that we did not practice them at home this week (because he "wanted the play to be a surprise" for us). He also knew enough to quietly prompt two other kids during the performance for their lines. I just love his confidence. A bonus to today is that my sister and niece and nephew were in town and they and my mom and dad got to come see Mr. T's first performance. It was so special to have the family there, especially my mom as she has just started being able to do things like this again. (also: awesomest owl costume ever)

Jan 12: Miss E came home today from a slumber party where there was very little sleeping. She insisted all day that  she wasn't tired and then this happened around 4.

Jan 13: Sometimes being an introverted mama to an extroverted kid is a little hard. Sometimes being an extroverted kid with an introverted mama and sister is hard. This kid would not stop talking or moving today. He is sweet and happy and endearing and by dinner Miss E and I just needed a little bit of quiet. 
Jan 14: Mr. T joined boy scouts this year and our first event is the pinewood derby. I have heard of these before but didn't know what they were but basically you are given a block of wood and some tires and you have to carve/cut out a car. It seems kind of crazy to me since you kind of need to use power tools and I wouldn't think all parents would have that ability but Peter and Mr. T are working on it and they are both pretty excited. 

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