Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Week 3: Jan 15-21

Jan 16: Peter's drink shelf. You know those things that your spouse does that kind of drive you crazy but not really because it's their house too and you can't be too picky? This. Frequently I will get up to fix breakfast on a day Peter works and look up at the kitchen window to see his drinks from the day before sitting there. 

Jan 18: We haven't been on a vacation in awhile and as a family we REALLY needed to get away. Over MLK weekend we headed to Seattle to stay with some friends and do some tourist things. The first night we stayed with our friends who live a little outside Seattle. They are out of the city and have a house where the kids can run free through a forest and through all the neighbors yards only coming in a dinner time. Kind of like the childhood our parents had. We went on a little hike with them too, I like to call this shot "Dad Life".

Jan 19: Said goodbye to our friends and headed in to the city! This was such a fun day. Started at the EMP (experience music project) which was super cool, (insert child and thus parent meltdown here), checked into our hotel, went back to the EMP and then down to Pike's for dinner. The place we were going to eat was closing up so we asked one of the employes for a recommendation. He led us to this kind - of divvy but oh so delicious fish and chips place where everyone was watching the game (Go Seahawks!). After dinner we went swimming at the hotel and then ate cupcakes in bed while watching the Hobbit. I was a happy lady.

Jan 20: Started out today at the Aquarium and then the Space Needle for lunch. I have never eaten up there but we wanted to make it special for the kids so decided to spend some xmas money and splurge for the meal up there. The sun was shining like nobody's business and we were all so happy to be up there. Peter and I toasted each other over our wine/beer to a *mostly* successful family vacation and really, if there aren't a few melt down or "moments" then it's not really a family vacation is it? This was a good one though, a really good one.
Jan 21: I like to call this one "picky princess dog". This is actually our 2nd (3rd?) replacement dog bed. She did not like the others and had to be coaxed onto this one but she has since decided that it's OK and she will deign to rest her princess bones on it. 

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