Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 Week 4: Jan 22-28

Jan 22: A month or so ago I was tasked with redecorating the waiting room of our office. Then management changed, Christmas happened and I thought the project was scrapped. Until this week, when I was told to finish it by the end of the week. Spent all day shopping and trying to put something good looking together on a shoestring budget. 
Jan 23: Done! Furniture set up and put together. Office waiting room done and I've fallen in love with this yoga frog. 
Jan 24: A rare day of sun in January! Mr. T was tree climbing in his Jedi robe - of course. 

Jan 25: Miss E went to a friend's birthday party at a farm. There were horses involved. 
Jan 26: New contraption: cat leash/lasso. He is the world's most tolerant cat but was unamused. 

Jan 27: Sitting next to him reading our books at night I think I'll never tire of looking at the curve of his neck, his eye lashes, his cheeks and his ears. This mama love is so incredibly overwhelming and whole. 

Jan 28: Boy scouts Pinewood derby! Mr. T just joined and this was his first big troop event. His car took 11th out of 50 and he was so so proud. 

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