Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 Week 5: Jan 29-Feb 4

Jan 29: Doing homework, fascinated by the candle. 

Feb 1: Miss E and her bestie. These girls went to school only for K and 1st grade and in K they weren't really friends. After 1st grade her friend moved to a different school and I thought the friendship might peter out. Boy was I wrong! These girls are like sisters. They want to play nearly every weekend, they take gymnastics together and, now that they both have iPods, they message and FaceTime each other. It's been so great to see Miss E make new friendships at her school and continue this one. In middle school the girls will go to the same school again and I'm hoping their friendship just continues to grow. 
Feb 2: Migraine Sunday. Spent the day being miserable (with a cat on my lap) and watching the kids play Mario Kart. One of the great things about getting video games from the library is that I don't have to worry about the kids binge playing them or setting limits or anything. We have a week or so to play as much as we want and then back to the library they go.  

Feb 3: New dog bed. If you can believe it she had to be coaxed onto this bed. COAXED. Apparently, she has taken to it though. 

Feb. 4: Surgery waiting room. Today is what while hopefully be my mom's last surgery (her 4th in a year) and this is a BIG one. Maybe bigger than any of the others. I'm nervous and we spent a very long time waiting here for her. I kept sneaking peeks at everyone else in here wondering who they were waiting for and what surgery their loved ones was having. Some people were tense and worried, some were happy and chatty, the girl next to me had cupcakes  - cupcakes! I spent a good hour or so trying to figure out what type of surgery would be celebrated with cupcakes and if they were going to stand around the person who had it done and eat the cupcakes (because I'm pretty sure you can't have cupcakes as you come out of anesthesia), or if they were going to eat them someplace else in the hospital? I don't know. It seemed weird to me, but was a good distraction. 

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