Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today my dear friend Suzy and her little girl Addy came over to play this morning, and I was thrilled. When I had Miss E, way back 6 years ago, I had the extraordinary luck to meet a group of moms that have become my best friends. They have helped me through the thicket of babyhood and toddlerhood and beyond. It has been a true blessing and has made me a better mother and wife than I would have been otherwise.

Spending this morning with Suzy and Addy reminded me of our early playgroup years when we would frequently visit in the mornings for coffee and muffins while the kids played around us. These are the sorts of friends where it wouldn't matter if your house was a mess or if you were in your pajamas still or if your kids were having a particularly cranky and anti-social day - in short, the very best kind. Suzy is someone I can always call when I am about to lose it with the kids or my husband and vent a bit. She is the one who says "Sarah, they're not broken. They're fine, you're doing fine." and talks me down from the ledge. She has been a wealth of information and support and friendship for the last six years. It's hard to ever tell her how much I appreciate that and value her friendship but hanging out for a morning, drinking coffee, eating snacks while Mr. T and Addy played together was the very nicest part of my day and as soon as she left, I thought "let's do that every Thursday."

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