Saturday, January 22, 2011


We're outside! In the sun! With no coats! Can you tell how excited I am? When we picked up the kids from my parents this morning the sun was shining away so we headed home for the bikes and then to the park. Miss E and I rode our bikes to the park, Peter and Mr. T met us there in the van. Once we got there we rode our bikes around the loop, ran and walked around the loop and played on the playground. I could almost feel our skin soaking up the vitamin D. After a less than fantastic date night last night (some part of it may or may not have been spent yelling at each other about the kitchen floor - yeah, we are idiots, we know), Peter and I needed the rejuvenation as well.

We also realized that one or both of the kids is going to need a new bike before the spring really sets in. Mr. T is way too big for his and should be on Miss E's and she still fits hers OK, but could go up a size. We'll probably end up buying her a bigger one and de-girling (is that a word? You know what I mean...) her bike for Mr. T.'s always something at this point. But for today, we were all reveling in the sun shine.

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