Friday, February 11, 2011

Cousin Sweetness

This is Mr. T and his darling cousin playing this afternoon. We are in Eugene today so that Peter and my sister and her husband can go to a brew festival and I am happily watching the kids. I love seeing my niece and nephew so often, they are both bright, funny and sweet kids and I'm so happy to have them. It was shockingly easy to fix them dinner, watch a movie and put all 4 of them to bed - and that is with Mr. T and my niece sleeping in the same bed. Miss E and my nephew had a hard time settling down but by about 9:30 they were all asleep.

I then enjoyed a very quiet evening of reading and resting. I've started Jane Eyre again, I don't know why but I just love that book. It was nice to get some extra sleep, despite the party that started down stairs around midnight and getting up with the kids at 7.  : )

Peter had such a good time as well. My brother in law, Jason, owns a home-brew store and is in the process of opening a brewery so he knows all the Eugene brew people and through the years, Peter has met some as well so they have this nice little community of folks to hang out with. I think if I could drink beer it would be kind of fun.

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