Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mobbed - kid style

Have I mentioned how much I love my niece and nephew? The kids all had so much fun visiting. This morning Honore (my sister) and I had a chance to get out of the house for some coffee and shopping. Since neither of us likes to talk on the phone too much, we haven't really planned the second part of our upcoming trip to Spain yet, so this was our chance. Also, a bit of peace and quiet. We had a lovely morning sipping tea and lattes and eating blueberry and chocolate chip scones. Along the way, we came up with a bold travel plan to see both Madrid and Barcelona in 4 days, and then wandered off to purchase some plants.

Speaking of plants, I realized that I am ready for a house plant again! Whoo hoo! This is a big deal. Kind of. Before I had kids, I had a ton of houseplants and was quite the gardener (if I do say so myself...). Then we had Miss E, and the house plants dwindled to a few. Then Mr. T came along. At that point, I had a baby and a not-quite 2 year old and a husband who was regularly gone for 24 hours, sometimes 48. And that was the end of the house plants. We're actually lucky the pets survived those years. It was pretty rough at times. But then, here I am, 4 years later and lo and behold, I think I'm ready to care for a houseplant. Just one, and an easy one at that, but I purchased it today. A lovely little Jade plant that I picked out while Honore and I were shopping.

Randomly, I will add that I love love love my sister. I could write a whole post on her and our relationship and it's travels through the years but I will just say that I am lucky to have her for my sister for about a million reasons.

So, back to the picture above. Peter (who previous to his night of drinking had worked a 48 which involved one night of not sleeping) got up this morning with Jason to watch the kiddos while Honore and I were gone. Right before we left, while he was resting his tired and slightly hungover self on the couch, the kids, all 4 of them, decided that he needed to be pounced on. I forget what the premise of this was, but this was how I left him - laying on the couch with 4 children (that orange blur in the back is Mr. T) attacking him.

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  1. You need no other picture of a fairly fantastic Valentine than this pic of a good man---the fact that he's my son makes it even better! :) I'd never have allowed 4 kids at a time to mob me! oh woe oh no! :) Glad you had fun with your sis...