Thursday, February 10, 2011

Making Valentines

We made Valentine's today and can you tell that one of the kiddos was a whole lot more serious than the other about it?

A few notes on the day:

1) I ripped my last contact lens this morning, got new ones, hated them and complained mightily. The eye Dr. told me I had to wait more than 15 minutes before deciding I hated them. After an hour, they were fine.

2) Our house looks like it was hit by a glitter tornado.

3) I was pulled over AGAIN today for driving while talking on my phone. It was a brief call from Peter and the AGAIN is in reference to being pulled over in front of the school for expired tags a few months ago. Apparently if you live in the burbs cops pull you over for crap like this. I avoided getting a ticket this time by artfully dropping that hubs is a firefighter (thank you fire service job perks) and playing a bit of the helpless housewife routine. Mr. T thought it was awesome.

4) My work is hiring and I have looked at over 150 applications in the last few days and have about 150 more to go.

5) I am appalled at the quality of some of these applications.

6) Tomorrow we are headed to Eugene for a brew festival. Since I don't drink beer, I have opted to spend the evening taking care of the kiddos.

7) I think I would maybe like a sister-wife, but only if she can cook and plays trucks.

8) My kids are awesome. Peter has been working a 48, I am a little sick and we have had nothing but a great and easy time.

9) Miss E had a police officer come to class to talk about stranger danger and what he told her and what  I have told her, don't match up (Remember the whole "letting go"thing from yesterday?). This led to an interesting discussion.

10) For the first year ever, I have become the parent who buys candy for the kids to put on their Valentine's. In years past I have hated those parents because who is really happy when their kid comes home from preschool with a bunch of lollypops on Valentine's Day? No one. Now I will be the hated parent. It felt a little like crossing over to the dark side. I really didn't want to do it but Miss E really didn't want to be the only kid who didn't. Family values vs. the importance of fitting in? Anyone? I didn't have the energy to muster a debate on that one today.

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