Saturday, February 5, 2011

While Mom is Away.....

...the kids go rock climbing! This is Miss E on the hardest route in the kids area. She's been working on doing this one but because it starts with an under-hang it's been tough for her to get up. Today while I was sitting on my lazy butt at the beach, Peter took the kids so that Mr. T could show him how he can get over the wall and Miss E could climb climb and climb some more.

I have to say, this picture freaks me out a bit just because she looks so HIGH UP, but having been to this place before, I will assure you that she is not as high as she looks and the ground is a very thick foamy pad. Plus, no kids ever fall here. It's crazy and every time I wonder how that is possible but in all my times of going there no kid has ever fallen.

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